Hans-Jürgen Schnellrieder
Hans-Jürgen Schnellrieder

Interim Management

Work experience: 50 years
Aerospace Industry: since 1965
Renewable Onshore: since 2000
Renewable Offshore: since 2005


Hans-Juergen Schnellrieder has developed a wide range of competences during his extensive work period. Originally as Electrical Technician he served later with Lufthansa as an analogue and digital Avionic Engineer and stopped his flying career as Airline Transport and Test Pilot. Later on, he was involved in the Airbus reset programs for the A380, A400M and the concept development of the A350, managing large engineering teams with multi trade competences.

Hans-Juergen has taken leading roles in developing the offshore wind industry within the German Offshore Stiftung. He was involved in the development of the “Offshore Code of Practice” which is the risk management guideline for the insurance industry. He was extensively involved in several projects to optimize acceptance of deliverable during the construction phase and developing state of the art OE&M concepts, infrastructure and methods.

He was in charge as Head of R&D and Engineering for the development of the STRABAG offshore projects (see below) with the focus on major cost reduction by standardizing and industrializing the power plant design. During this time, he headed extensive R&D projects focusing on life cycle reliability and OpEx controllability.

As Technical Risk Assessor he has profound experience in multi megawatt turbines such as RePower/Senvion M5, Darwind 5 MW, AREVA M5 and Offshore substation systems integration. As root cause analyst he moderated drive train (gearbox and generator) problems.

As management coach and mediator, Hans-Juergen is most effective in managing and developing teams which is the prerequisite for the effective reset of commercial and/or technical projects.


The following experience is based on a profound business development and technical knowledge in different industries. The foundation of these competences is set by corporate and product management methods established and successfully used by the aerospace industry.

Extensive negotiation experienceSpecification, tender and contract development as well as development of negotiation strategies for the purchasing of complex industrial investments.
Extensive experience in corporate management and team development

Corporate risk management (Technical, Business & Legal)

Over 40 Years management experience.

Inquiry & Proposal ManagementExtensive experience in inquiry assessments, resources & risk determination. Development of mitigation strategies and processes.
Compliance ManagementDetermination of compliance requirements, identification of critical key characteristics and compliance reviews and verification.
Extensive experience in Project Management, Project Controlling, Project Risk Management and Project ResetProject development, resources & risk determination, controlling, reviewing and recovery of projects.
Profound knowledge in Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)Product structure breakdown, life cycle risk determination, life cycle cost calculation, maintenance and service impacts determination. Effective support for development and design departments.
Extensive experiences in corporate and business development under the common “Management Systems” standards
  • Application of the following standards
  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management
  • ISO 55001 – Asset Management
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management
  • EN 9100 – Aerospace Management series
  • ISO 20000 Series - IT Service-Management
  • ISO 27001 Information security management
  • OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • Managing complex projects and systems
  • Managing and developing human resources
  • Developing Power Plants as Systems Engineer and, System Architect
  • Life Cycle impact assessments, Life Cycle Costs (OpEx)
  • Risk Management & Mitigation techniques
  • Contract development & negotiation
  • Managing cost reduction programs
  • Sponsors and Lenders Technical Advisor
  • International accredited Lead Auditor
  • Power 5M Talisman/Beatrice
  • GlobalTech 1 – O&M, Automation Concept
  • MEG1 – Advanced Quality Assurance, O&M, Automation Concept
  • Albatros, OWP-West, GT2, GAIA 1-3, Seawind 3-4, Sea Strom 1-2
  • Merkur (ex. MEG1) – development of employer’s requirements, methods & standards, project budgets
  • Steel Offshore Substructure – Systems Engineering – Feasibility study covering industrial manufacturing, installation, operation, life cycle cost assessment and life expectation
  • Super Concrete Offshore Substructure / Systems Engineering – Feasibility study covering industrial manufacturing, installation, operation, life cycle cost assessment and life expectation


  • German (mother tongue)
  • English

Both languages at a fluent level with advanced technical and business negotiation and instructing skills.


Due diligence

Technical, reliability and life cycle cost assessment of wind turbines and wind farms

Product Life Cycle documentation

Development of a complete – industry standards oriented – life cycle documentation for multi megawatt wind turbines including international HSE requirements

Product Life Cycle Cost analysis

Development of life cycle budgets for multi megawatt wind turbines

Warranty Claim Management of Wind Turbines and Wind Farms

Reliability assessments and warranty claim assessment and reports to stand up in courts.

Wind Turbines and Wind Farms Quality Assurance

  • Manufacturing quality assurance
  • Field buildup quality assurance
  • Commissioning quality assurance and acceptance

Warranty Claim Management of Photovoltaic Systems

Reliability assessments and warranty claim assessment and “to stand up in courts” documentation.

Photovoltaic Systems Quality Assurance

  • Project Planning Quality Assurance
  • Field buildup quality assurance
  • Commissioning quality assurance and acceptance

Photovoltaic Projects Development

System layout, performance assessment and commercial feasibility (Feasibility Studies)


Head of R&D, Engineering of large Offshore Wind Power Plant

  • Implementation of certification applicable Design Principles
  • Design of systems according to the latest state of the art for both turbine and peripheral devices

Optimized systems integration

Thorough systems definition, test definition and compliance management

Managing cost reduction programs (CAPEX/OPEX)


Life cycle cost oriented design

  • Consideration of location dependent requirements already in the definition phase
  • Creation of individual maintenance plans

Certification management including HSE (BSH)


Owners engineering.

Redesign to achieve a cost effective operation


Profound knowledge and experience in applying Airbus procedures throughout the entire aircraft design and production.


  • Airbus Procedures, Methods and Directives
  • In-depth knowledge of GRAMS/GRESS requirements.
  • Technical Signature requirements

Profound knowledge and experience in all regulatory requirements. Early involvement in the transition of local regulation through the JAA requirements into the EASA requirements. Acting instructor to airline operations and maintenance organizations.

Implementation of Quality Management Systems to the airline industry.

EASA Part 21 J/G (FAR-21 Certification Procedure for Products and Parts)


EASA Part M/145 (FAR 145)

Human Factor Trainer

ISO  9001 Quality Management

Profound knowledge and experience as Director Quality & Risk Management as well as Auditor of AS/EN 9100/911 and 9120 systems.

Instructor for regulatory (EASA/FAA) and IAQG requirements interfaces in depth.

Use of advanced quality management, audit and review software to assure highly comprehensive assessment and audit records for the customers.

Evaluation and assessment of subcontractors supply chain risks for the end products.


AS/EN 9100 Aerospace - Quality management systems

AS/EN 9110 Aerospace series - Quality Systems - Model for Quality Assurance Applicable to Maintenance Organizations

AS/EN 9120 Aerospace series - Quality Systems - Requirements for Stockist Distributors

AS/EN 9102 First article inspection

AS/EN 9130 Quality systems - Record retention

AS/EN 9131 Quality management systems - Nonconformance documentation

AS/EN 9134 Supply chain Risk Management Guideline

AS/EN 9103 Variation management of Key Characteristics

Experienced system analyst and designer for ATA compliant and compatible maintenance support systems.

ATA Spec i2200  Information Standards for Aviation Maintenance

ATA 2000M material specifications

Analyst and Trainer of aerospace certification requirements on the basis of the MSG-3 and the ISC/MRB process.

ATA MSG-3 Operator/Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance Development

Instructor and assessor of faults, deficiencies to identify the root cause of a problem and to enhance and support the continuous improvement concepts.

Root Cause Analyst and Trainer

Profound experience in software systems engineering provides a solid base for the audits of embedded software products.

ISO-IEC 26702 Systems engineering - Application and management of the systems engineering process

DO-178B Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification

Profound knowledge in these standards as a part of the AS/EN 9100 and EASA regulatory requirements.

OHSAS 18001/2 Occupational health and safety management systems

ISO 14001 Environmental management systems


Product Life Cycle Development

Product structure breakdown, modular design and embedded software structure by applying following standards and regulatory requirements.

  • 21CAR820 - FDA - Quality Management System - Medical Devices (H)
  • ISO-13485 – Quality management Standard for Medical Devices
  • ISO-13485 – Medical device Risk Management

ERP System Development

Experience as leading architect for database and business process development including functional user interface

  • Wind farm/-turbine Maintenance Engineering System
  • Aerospace Maintenance Engineering System
  • Airline Operations Management System

Corporate IT Infrastructure

Leading consultant and architect to implement a complete integrated IT infrastructure supporting a medium sized engineering and design bureau including disaster recovery and security processes.

Embedded Software Quality Assurance

Application of the following standards

  • DO 178B - Software Consideration in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification
  • DO 254 - Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware